Claton Studio Shot 4B (2)Claton's Profile PicAudiobook narrator and voice over artist Claton Butcher has the voice you are seeking for your project. His distinctive voice is personable, engaging, and trustworthy. His “family man to manly man” voice is professional and authoritative, yet friendly and conversational. Claton’s resonant voice embodies the “every man” and conveys the familiarity and compassion of one’s best friend.

For 20 years, Claton has been crafting his voice through theater, higher education, vocal music, sales, corporate training, and more. He is looking forward to bringing all of these skills and his experience to your next project.

Turn around time from Claton’s South Dakota home studio is usually 24 hours or less, depending on the project (longer for audiobooks).

Claton’s Voice profile: male, age range 20-45 years, general North American English accent. Claton is a non-union talent.

Audible has named Claton an “Audible Approved Producer” for his consistent excellence in narration and production of audiobooks.